Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My Childhood Life

Im writing this blog because i simply like writing and typing ever since i was 9 years old. Anyways about me.
For my first birthday wich i cannot remeber. But here's what i have on tape. The tape starts in the kitchen my dad comes towards me and my birthday cake in the dining room. I look happy but still as if i dont know whats going on. He and my mother says blow out the cake then kieron. Without any thaught in my head i touch the flame and laugh. Now that im watching it im laughing. At that party i see 3 of my best ffrends, Ben, Curtis And Liam. Sadly Ben became anorexic because of some bullies in secondary school, Liam now takes drugs and we doesnt really speak much, Curtis and me dont really talk anymore because so much has happend.

On my 5th birthday i got my first bike wich i couldnt ride untill i was 7. When i was 7 i really liked going up my uncle's house and playing PC games when he werent around. Then my 8th birthday i got my first computer and playstation 2. Ah i was thrilled. My uncle came home from collage with amazing paintings and drawings. Ever Since the day he braught the paintings home ive always looked up to him. And wanted to be like him. except for the bit of being homosexual.

When i was 9 i started making bebo skins on for my ffrends, but sure they werent great but i was just learining with gimp wich is a GNU Image Manipulation Program. Im sure you can google it and find it somewhere. At age 11 i started making youtube backgrounds and making videos for youtube. Thats when i got into video editing, i downloaded cracked programs like Sony Vegas, Boujou, After Effects and so forth. After i found out about these cracked programs i heard photshop was good software for graphics and design so ive used that since.

At age 12 i was up my nans and my uncle was playing music. So i went upstaries and listend to it for a while with him. And he liked Dance, Trance and techno songs, and ive always liked them ever since.
When i was in year 7. A ffrend mentioned a game called runescape and asked me to try it out.
So i did and i got better in the game in over 2 years and i got bullied by him because i was better than him.
But everything is all good now since we just talked about other stuff except that game. I stoped playing the game when i was 14. Found like it was abit to much to play a game that never ends with constant updates.

At age 17 i found my cousin played alot of call of duty games. I decided to get a playstation 3 and get the game seemed i liked it so much after playing it for about a hour. So i had a ps3 for christmas and i was really facinated by the games. And through out that year i played alot of that game but i dont seem to play it much anymore.

At my 18th birthday i left 6th form and went on to university to study graphics and design, after only being at university for 1 week i knew i was the best artist there. someone important came in from microsoft and was offering jobs to create the new look of windows vista. I got picked and i was in charge of Creating The Little things such as the X button up the top right and what not. But after they didnt choose mine as mine was to fancy but i still got payed.

But thats my childhood Life...
The rest is private.